Modern Classic - Super CUB by K-Speed

Modern Classic - Super CUB by K-Speed - TheArsenale

To celebrate one of the most successful motorcycles in history, 100 million units sold worldwide; Honda release a revamped edition of the Super CUB in both 50 and 110cc trim. A rugged, iconic two-wheeler that has seen every part of the planet and even taken a man accross the Arctic circle. 

To celebrate the release of the Super CUB, Honda contacted K-Speed to create a special edition of the bike. Styled like a retro café racer, the custom CUB has a certain flair to it. It still retains its identity, the iconic dip in the middle and the front fairing but they've all been carefully manipulated to perceive a modern feeling. Handlebars are also the same, shaped into a wide curve for comfortable riding. The tires have been replaced with wider ones, giving a certain stance to the Super CUB. 

Coated in a black and white paint scheme, the Super CUB by K-Speed looks very clean. It uses LED turn signals as well, gaining a few modern motorcycle points. The stock exhaust piping was replaced with an aftermarket one and the swing-arm is a bolted-on aluminum replacement. Built for the Thailand market, it's unlikely that we will see a K-Speed on the streets anytime soon. However we are sure that other garages will pick up on this little historic motorcycle and make something amazing out of it.