Moto Guzzi Goes Vintage with the new V85 Concept ADV Bike

Moto Guzzi Goes Vintage with the new V85 Concept ADV Bike - TheArsenale

Unlike most motorcycle brands, Moto Guzzi has continuously held on to its classic roots by keeping their old-school technology. In the latest rendition of the EICMA in Milan, a new adventure model was unveiled by the Italian manufacturer.

The brand new V85 is a bike in honor of the classic adventure bikes, featuring classic lines most widely recognized by old-school BMW 800G/S fans. However, it still remains a concept waiting to see the light of day in its production run. Guzzi decided to go with the classic air/oil-cooled, 850cc, 90° transverse engine that puts out 80 hp. The engine is borrowed from the V9 series and is held in place by a steel tube frame. 

Moto Guzzi wanted to go as classic as possible with the adventure look and it's either a design theme or the bike can truly perform as a dual-sport. Since it's a concept, not many details are known regarding its riding nature and more. Up front, the V85 uses LED lights in twin round housings like the classic ADV BMWs. A digital dashboard is installed for a clean look and the front end sits on top of an inverted Öhlins fork. For the brakes, they went with Brembo radials. 

The vintage look was quite a stunner and showstopper but whether the bike can live up to its looks remains a question. Are you looking forward to the release of the Moto Guzzi V85?