MTI Racing Boat

MTI Racing Boat - TheArsenale

Up for sale in an auction is this insane 2015 MTI racing boat with twin QC4V Mercury Racing engines.

The racing boat comes with its own trailer for transportation and it has insane features for a speedboat. The interior is made of Italian leather and Alcantara®. There are multiple radio systems, a video entertainment system and interior lighting to set the mood while speeding at over 180mph. 

The engines have a power output of 1,350hp each, totaling an insane 2700hp power output that accompanies the luxurious feeling of the boat. To make up for the insane power, safety features like escape hatches, a roll cage and five-point restraints are installed. The interior of the boat makes you feel like Batman and sailing at 180mph will probably make you feel like a superhero. Make your bid here!