Murdered Out 1954 Corvette "Death Star" by Timeless Kustoms

Murdered Out 1954 Corvette "Death Star" by Timeless Kustoms - TheArsenale

Timeless Kustoms are well known to create some of the most badass cars out there. This time they are back with something special, a 1954 Corvette. While the car is over 60 years old, the amount of work put into it makes it look like a retro modern sports car.

They started with the beating heart of the car, taking out the stock 3.85 l straight six good for 150 hp and replacing it with a brand new, 6.2 L supercharged LS9 engine with a power output rating of 590 whp. The top speed is clocked at 205 mph. To handle the brute new power, a new chassis was installed along with C6 front suspension and a three-link rear suspension. Braking is handled by Brembo ceramic brakes clenching their teeth onto three piece forged wheels with Hosier A6 tires wrapped around them. 

The finishing touch was the painting, a cyber gray metallic paint. Combined with the black wheels and the extremely clean interior; the car becomes a stealthy ride that no one expects to blast off at 205 mph. Or maybe they do.