Nissan Navara Dark Sky - Going Stargazing

Nissan Navara Dark Sky - Going Stargazing - TheArsenale

Based on the familiar Nissan Navara pickup truck, the Dark Sky concept is a mobile astronomy lab equipped with a state-of-the-art telescope mounted in a bespoke off-road trailer. Nissan presented an amazing concept truck called the Navara Dark Sky Concept. 


The truck was made in collaboration with the European Space Agency to tow a special trailer carrying a telescope module off-road. The all-new Navara Dark Sky Concept is indeed a ruggedized pickup pulling a heavy-duty off-road trailer, and also for transporting astronomers deep into the wilds, far away from the light pollution of civilization. In terms of power, the Navara has more than enough to move the observatory-class telescope and attached trailer. The 2.3-liter twin-turbo diesel engine produces 187 horsepower (139 kilowatts) and 331 pound-feet (450 newton-meters) of torque.


This concept is the brilliant example of Nissan serving as an authentic partner, empowering our customers to go anywhere have said the senior vice president of Nissan's light commercial vehicle business Ashwani Gupta. In general, the Navara looks pretty similar to its production version, but the coolest thing here is the trailer. The telescope that it tows is incredibly powerful and capable of viewing distant galaxies.