One-Off Ferrari SP38 Is What Dreams Are Made Of

One-Off Ferrari SP38 Is What Dreams Are Made Of - TheArsenale

Designed by Ferrari Design Center for a mysterious customer who commissioned the car, the SP38 is a 488 GTB based car that certainly looks nothing like its origins. While the owner of the car remains a mystery, the fact that he's loaded is quite obvious. A special edition Ferrari usually breaks the bank, let alone a one-off custom piece.


The SP38 uses the 488 GTB chassis and mid-mounted V8, putting out 660 HP (492 kW). The design team said that the car has drawn inspiration from the Ferrari F40 and that's quite easy to see in the back. Aggressive grilles resembling that of the legendary F40 can be found but they are quite refined. Other than that, it's difficult to find any similarities between the smooth surfaces of the SP38 to the rough edges of the F40. 


It also looks nothing like the GTB either, it has been entirely wrapped in a sleek athletic body. The curves are smooth and always seem to blend seamlessly with the other parts of the car, resulting in an organic design. Both the wheels and their arches retain the typical Ferrari look while the rest seems to divert a bit from their usual design language. 


You can tell a Ferrari even without its badge, but I doubt that anyone would be able to tell this is a Ferrari without badges. Maybe it was the wish of the client to get something entirely unique, unlike anything else on the street; or maybe Ferrari Design Center wanted to experiment with a slightly different design language. The SP38 will be shown at Villa D'Este and after that it will go to the private collection of the mysterious owner, only to be rarely seen after.