Oru Folding Kayak - Watersports, Everywhere

Oru Folding Kayak - Watersports, Everywhere - TheArsenale

After a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, Oru has now turned into a fully fledged vessel manufacturer with a unique twist. All of their designs are inspired by origami and are easily foldable.


The newest Kayak of the lineup is a massive 4.8 meter canoe that folds just under 30 inches. Rolled out in minutes, the kayak offers an impressive structural integrity that is more than capable to handle calm or choppy waters alike. Thanks to new zipper channels instead of the old buckles, the center seam can now be easily slid into place. The 2018 model has a reworked folding pattern that creates more space for people inside. For long travelers, the Oru Coast XT has reworked thigh braces that offer impressive comfort. 


The paddles of the canoe are also foldable, breaking apart into four pieces that are easy to transport together with the box that the canoe packs into. Weighing just 15.4 kg, the trunk and plane friendly Coast XT can be transported to be sailed everywhere.