Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles Finetza - Luxurious Mobile Living

Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles Finetza - Luxurious Mobile Living - TheArsenale

Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles is looking to bring mobile life in India, taking a different approach to camper vans compared to its European and American counterparts . The vehicle is designed with LED lighting to provide various ambient options that can be controlled with the built-in tablet or mobile phone.


The pantry is equipped with a built-in refrigerator, oven and an electric kettle. Motorhomes can also be equipped with a small kitchenette. You have the convenience of clean on-board washroom for short as well as long journeys.


For people who travel long distances, vans can be equipped with a shower too. You have everything you would ever need for life on the go. Multiple device charging power ports (12 V and/or 220 V) ensure you never run out of power. Mobile charging ports, Power ports for laptop and devices. The Finetza is powered by a 3.2-liter four- cylinder diesel engine with 115 hp on tap. It can comfotable carry up to eight passengers.


The Finetza is a complete package; built to have more than one function and capable to suit all needs. Whether it is luxury living on the go, exploring or working on the go; all the amenities are there for living off the grid.