New Polestar Precept Offers Space and Comfort in Style

New Polestar Precept Offers Space and Comfort in Style - TheArsenale

Volvo's electric subbrand Polestar has released a few breathtaking vehicles, bearing its iconic Scandinavian design with a futuristic design. Their latest car, the Procept is the embodiment of this futuristic design without looking out of place for this planet. 

Polestar was planning to release the car at the Geneva Motor Show before it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This concept car will become an integral part of Polestar's current lineup. The Precept houses a large battery pack thanks to its 122.4-inch wheelbase. In the back, a hatchback-style trunk creates lots of space for cargo. Above its roof, you can find a LIDAR pod that houses all the bells and whistles that make driving assistance possible. A 15" vertical screen lies on the dashboard which gives easy access to the infotainment system. As you would expect, the dashboard is digital as well. All the interior of the car is done with sustainable materials and advanced technologies such as 3D knitted upholstery made from recycled plastic bottles.