Porsche 911 Syberia RS by H&R

Porsche 911 Syberia RS by H&R - TheArsenale

The Porsche 911 has been one of the most iconic ever to hit the rally racing world and the car itself has been subject to thousands of custom builds, concepts, and case studies. This time, German specialists H&R have blessed our eyes with a special off-road build that is as stylish as it is capable. 

Dubbed the "Syberia RS", this unique 911 was a commission for a customer looking for an off-road capable machine without the bulk and sloppiness of an SUV. This lead H&R to fit the 911 with custom offroad suspension, deep-cut wheel arches to house the chunky Hankook DynaPro Mud Terrain wrapped around Fuchs wheels. The Syberia RS has been fitted with a winch, safety bumpers, rally lights, a central-exit exhaust as well as a stylish RS-style rear fin. We do not know whether the engine of the car has been swapped but thanks to the interior shots, we can see what appears to be a sequential six-speed transmission.