Porsche 988 Vision Concept

Porsche 988 Vision Concept - TheArsenale

Porsche is a name that doesn't need to reinforce their dominance in the mid-engined market segment of cars but designers Invisive and Colorsponge thought otherwise. 


In an exercise of design and exuberance, they explored a futuristic vision for Porsche in their 988 Vision concept. Borrowing elements from the Stuttgart brand's sleek  design, they have created a sculpted body that features a tail light integrated with their typeface as well as a front reminiscing of their hypercars. To keep the body as lean as possible, mirrors have been replaced with cameras. The wheel arches house the massive rims which are bathed in aerodynamic flows thanks to air ducts that direct front-flowing air to the rear diffusers. 

This whole exercise can be considered a flawless execution and Porsche certainly has to take note here. If they are brave enough as to listen to two independent designers for their future designs, we might be seeing elements of this futuristic speed demon in the flesh.