Porsche Releases the 2020 Taycan

Porsche Releases the 2020 Taycan - TheArsenale

After years in the waiting, Porsche finally releases the Taycan. Their first fully electric offering bears all the details from its teasing concept and we are happy it does so.

The base model of the car sports some incredible numbers with a 0-100 km/h time in only 3 seconds thanks to the 670 horsepower available on tap. It takes only 22 minutes and a half to get you up to 80% of power which is ideal considering the 435 km range that can be squeezed out of it with the right driving style. Despite moving to an electric motor, Porsche stayed loyal to their nomenclature and released a high performance Turbo model. Of course there is no physical turbo but we wouldn't mind imagining it.

We expect to see a crossover version of it soon and although we're not at ALL excited about it, we are happy to see that the big names are entering the electric car scene with impressive models.