Princess Yachts R35 - Pininfarina Penned Excellence

Princess Yachts R35 - Pininfarina Penned Excellence - TheArsenale

Princess Yachts have teased their new and upcoming yacht set to debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September; the R35, the first yacht of the R Series lineup. 


The striking exterior of the yacht has been designed by one of the most famous Italian styling houses; Pininfarina. While Pininfarina gained popularity for designing beautiful Ferraris, nowadays they are experimenting with multiple domains of design such as the R35 yacht itself. The beautiful exterior keeps reminding us of a sports car exterior thanks to the carefully designed intakes. These intakes help it gather air for the engines as well as quelling tail vortexes while looking as good as an Italian designed intake can possibly be. 


The R35 offers impressive performance thanks to its V8 engines that help it blast with speeds up to 50 knots on water bodies. Princess Yachts built the vessel in collaboration with Ben Ainslie Technologies. Measuring at only 10 meters, the R35 has a brilliantly designed cabin that can convert to suit your partying or sleeping needs. Pininfarina aims to continue the collaboration with Princess Yachts, teasing the upcoming Princess X95 (top left corner in the bottom image). The R35 is debuting at the Cannes Yachting Festival where we'll hopefully see more of their works together. 

princess-yachts-r35-yacht-interior princess-yachts-r35-yacht-lineup