Project BMW R1100S

Project BMW R1100S - TheArsenale

This particular bike, or work of art; is a collaboration between Radikal Chopper and Officine Mermaid that won the Best in Show award at this year's Verona Motor Bike Expo.

It started its life as a normal R1100S that was stripped down to its bare essentials. This paved the way for a plethora of handcrafted metal parts to find their way on this classic motorcycle. It is hard to start when describing this motorcycle, as every surface has been reworked. First, the girder front forks give the motorcycle a strong frontal presence. The singular robot eye headlight upfront also adds up to this equation. These forks are then connected to an intricate web of metal tubes that make even a motorcycle frame look exciting. It then leads to a flowy fuel tank connected to the seat with its pointy tail. Not sure of the comfort of that but dear God, it looks amazing. 

The wheels have also been heavily reworked into an intricate spoke pattern. It seems like the underside of the motorcycle is all about brutalism and exposing the beating heart of the motorcycle. Titanium exhausts wrap themselves around this monster of an engine with their detailed welds. It all feels like a chaotic mix of metal in an artful sculpture but this bike actually works. Not like you would ever want to ride it, but it does.