Project Rhodium Omega - An insane GTS1000 Custom

Project Rhodium Omega - An insane GTS1000 Custom - TheArsenale

Back in the 90s, Yamaha was racing with other major manufacturers to develop motorcycling technology. One of their most unique motorcycles of the period was the 1993 GTS1000. The bike was a beefy tourer, made to go 200 km/h on the freeway without breaking a sweat and yet somehow it was standing on two single sided swingarms both in the front and rear. Amazingly, the bike used hub-centered steering that made it look like it was completely disconnected from the front wheel.


The only comparable rival of the GTS1000 was the Bimota Tesi, a bike that liked to break down every 100 Kms because a fly went into its headlight. Yamaha put its reliability and state-of-the-art technology into work to create a unique motorcycle that was unlike anything on the road without sacrificing reliability. This unique motorcycle grabbed the attention of James Chen who comissioned JSK Moto out of California to build this amazing custom dubbed Rhodium Omega.


First, the entire bulky body of the tourer was discarded to reveal an athletic frame that had so much potential. During 30 months of building, the JSK team basically replaced everything in the bike. The athletic predator like body of the bike is built in fiberglass after being sculpted in clay atop the bike. JSK even went as far as to design a steering guide for the bike but it was damaged during transportation which made them stick to the stock steering system. Judging by the uniqueness of the bike, you can figure that there are not many parts available so JSK had to order bespoke front and rear shocks from Gears Racing. The side vents, radiator and a custom fuel tank were also ordered to be custom built/laser cut. 


Despite maintaining the stock steering system, nothing looks the same in the front. A futuristic, arachnid like face plate with 6 LED headlights replaces the bulky front fairing of the 90's. The seat is no longer an elongated couch ready to accommodate two on the highway; it's now a red-leather covered single seat to keep you ready for open throttle. Judging by its predator stance, aggressive looks and muscular body; it doesn't look like a bike that you'd go easy on. It's certainly a unique bike that turns heads wherever it goes and comes with Yamaha reliability and Bimota quirkiness; best of both worlds. Head over to JSK Moto to read the full detailed story about this amazing custom.