HD 48 'Raging Dagger' by Rough Crafts Hot Rods

HD 48 'Raging Dagger' by Rough Crafts Hot Rods - TheArsenale

If you think of a custom Harley-Davidson, it is usually a good-looking tourer but an impressive performance machine it's not what immediately comes to your mind. Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts built this brutal Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight 'Raging Dagger' expressly to change your mind.

The motorcycle might remind us of the late Buells, the American brand founded by Erik Buell, former Harley employee, building naked bikes and café racers based on Harley-Davidson blocks.

Rough Crafts has mainly stripped this Harley and adjusted suspensions and brakes systems to get a street fighter look. In addition, the 'Raging Dagger' has carbon fiber rims and body panels and a tailor-made exhaust from MS Pro.

This new Forty-Eight is one of the sportiest Harley based customs we’ve seen so far. ''The idea of 'Raging Dagger' came so suddenly and wasn't planned at all'', claims Winston. ''One day'' continues ''I took a phone call from a salesperson at Harley-Davidson Taiwan who told me that i had a customer who wanted to meep up with me. So what I went and meet this guy, who already ordered a brand new Forty-Eight and was waiting for me. All he had to say to me was: ‘I like the look and the feeling of American V-twin engines, but I want something over the top. Something that you won’t recognize as a Harley, but is still easy to ride’. At that point, I decided to build a street fighter with the best performance that I could possibly reach''.

The Forty-Eight has surely been a big seller for Harley, and it’s not hard to see why. This one is probably one of the best-looking Sportster's variants of all time.