Recast Moto's Guzzi Nevada 750 is a Night Prowler

Recast Moto's Guzzi Nevada 750 is a Night Prowler - TheArsenale

Recast Moto is the first builder from Belarus to be featured on our website. It is an attestment to the reach of motorcycle culture and the passion that drives it. Drawing inspiration from his national culture, Matiz Lemark created the motorcycle garage to express his feelings, thoughts and passion in metal. 

Starting with a beefy Guzzi Nevada 750 cruiser, Lemark decided to transform it into a menacing scrambler. Instead of the bulky old tank, a vintage CB750 tank was fitted to streamline the bodywork. Lemark was quite decided on the tank as he had to wait for a month for it to arrive from the US while he was chopping up the rest of the bike. Its engine got rebuilt, knobby spoked wheels were added and the entire bike was coated in a pure black color. He salvaged grips from a snowmobile and made the rest from duralumin. By building a new subframe, he was able to mount a new leather clad skateboard seat. 

The end result? A motorcycle that would make the tamest pastor turn into a Bond villain behind the throttle. The black color contrasts heavily against the snowy backdrops of Belarus, making it stand out like a sore thumb.