Restomod 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser

Restomod 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser - TheArsenale

When Willy's Jeep was first announced, the world stopped and stared at this marvel that was traveling off the beaten path. Japan's answer? The FJ Land Cruiser. These examples have turned into collection pieces and FJ Company is heavily focused on bringing them to their prime condition.

Starting off with a 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser G43-S, FJ Company has kept the exterior as original as possible. A few bits here and there have been replaced with newer ones without losing any of its visual identity. The same can not be said for the insides of the car though. Raise the roof and you will find a 1GR-FE engine equipped with a Magnuson supercharger. That brings the power to 318 hp which is more than enough for an FJ. Sound is pumped out through a custom steel exhaust tipped with a BORLA ProXS muffler. 

On the interior, 4x4 Recaro Specialist seats hug you around corners, bumps and raises. A new Alpine infotainment system has been installed and connected to a premium audio system. All of the lights have been replaced with inconspicuous LED ones. All in all, the upgrades have only touched the technical and invisible part of the eye. The FJ Land Cruiser has been left in its original looks and flair, a boxy off-road machine built to conquer land. To us, this is iconic eye candy.