The NOVUS One represents a bold leap into the future of electric motorcycles, setting a new benchmark with its breakthrough design and performance. This innovative bike boasts a carbon fiber monocoque frame, a feature typically seen in high-performance sports cars, which serves the dual purpose of a load-bearing structure and a sleek exterior shell. This design not only eliminates the need for additional fairings but significantly reduces overall weight to just 103 kg with the battery, making the NOVUS One lighter and more rigid than conventional motorcycles. Offering an exceptional weight-to-performance ratio, it promises riders a new sense of agility and speed, easily surpassing comparable 125cc machines with its 400 Nm peak torque and the ability to go from 0-50 km/h in a breathtaking 1.9 seconds.

Fueling the NOVUS One's superior performance is the integrated high-density battery pack, designed specifically for this motorcycle. With a substantial 5.5 kWh capacity, it empowers the bike with a range of 130-150 km, perfectly suited for the hustle of city traffic. Charging is made convenient with two options: the fast charger can replenish 80% of the battery in just 90 minutes using a 220V mains outlet, while the basic charger takes a bit longer at 2.5 hours for the same amount of charge. The customized wheel hub motor, developed by GKN with its futuristic and efficient design, complements the powerful battery and low vehicle mass to ensure a riding experience that's not only fun but also environmentally friendly.

The NOVUS One isn't just about its unparalleled specs; it's a fusion of smart and digital dimensions, offering connectivity akin to a modern car, setting new standards for light electric motorcycles. Its central intelligence seamlessly integrates all control systems managed by the NOVUS OMNI system, enhancing the ride experience with the vehicle’s connectivity to the My NOVUS app. The app acts as a digital interface, key, and a host of other functionalities, allowing riders to check charging status, locate the vehicle, and even use it for integrated navigation. Riders can choose from three main power settings: Base, Super, and God, each offering different speed caps from 90 km/h to an unrestricted 120 km/h. With these attributes, NOVUS One is presented not just as a means of transportation but as a smart, integral part of one's digital life.