Rivian Trucks Will Be Adventure Ready and Alexa Equipped

Rivian Trucks Will Be Adventure Ready and Alexa Equipped - TheArsenale

When Rivian earned backing from Amazon, it became clear that the truck would not only see the light of day; it would become a staple of its genre. It is marketed as an electric adventure truck, which some would argue against due to the limited range and relatively long charging times when compared to a traditional truck.

Their two contestants for the market is the R1S, a full-sized 7 seater SUV that aims to rival Tesla with its 750 hp and 400 km range. Based on the same platform as the R1T, the R1S competes with other large SUVs in the market thanks to its sleek looks and refined interior.

The R1T, on the other hand, is an adventure vehicle that does everything on its own power. Its bed stores a Tepui tent-roof that would comfortably fit up to 4 people. What sets it apart though is the side compartment that has been fitted with a kitchenette prototype that slides out, giving you an electric stovetop to cook on. Rivian claims that you would be able to run the electric lighting and the kitchen for a week out in the field, depleting only 20kW of power which amounts to 11% of its total power. Packing all of these features in the back leaves space in the front, making trunk space for sports gear.

Rivian will enter production in the second half of 2020 so we expect them to hit the streets later this year. The vehicles not only pack incredible features but are also as eccentric as they can be, with a front fascia reminiscent of concept cars. Tesla might have sparked a revolution but brands like Rivian will carry the torch. Latest news also speak of Amazon integrating Alexa into the car, useful for controlling the infotainment system as well as remote and offline commands.