R-M The Code - Alexandre Rossier, KISKA lead designer

R-M The Code - Alexandre Rossier, KISKA lead designer - TheArsenale

R-M, the premium paint brand of BASF in collaboration TheArsenale, the first international online market place dedicated to the style in motion, are proud to announce the Colors & Design program THE CODE: Twelve exclusively selected independent designers and builders from Europe are invited to work on individual projects painted with R-M paints.

R-M and TheArsenale have selected twelve the best of best designers in Europe, and glad to announce one of the builders is Alexandre Rossier, lead designer of KISKA today.

Alexandre Rossier and KISKA will showcase customized color “Cetonian Green” specially developed for TheCode program, which will be painted on the vehicle that will be specifically designed for TheCode program also.

“We design from inside out, when you design a car the most important part is you, as a driver as a passenger and you use your vehicle to protect you. Just like an organic animal. The beetle. It’s exactly the same thing”. - Alexandre Rossier, KISKA lead designer. 

Please enjoy the 1st part of the KISKA film below: