RUF Rodeo Concept Coupe

RUF Rodeo Concept Coupe - TheArsenale

RUF is synonymous with high-performance Porsches and are responsible for a number of legendary cars such as the Yellowbird.

This time they decided to step out of their comfort zone and create something unlike all of their previous builds. Built on top of SCR's carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the Rodeo Concept Coupe has a FWD system that makes it capable for offroading. The list of upgrades is quite extensive and includes a roof rack, two-tone pain with a sleek red line parting the colors, long travel suspension, all-terrain tires and a stylish Ralph Lauren inspired interior finish. 

What we know about the car is that it is probably the most stylish way to shred the desert and it has the performance to match. We don't know about what engine it uses and RUF released no details about production but said that it can come with a N/A or turbocharged flat-six engine which makes us think that it could possibly hit production.