Saab GlobalEye - Predicting the Unpredictable

Saab GlobalEye - Predicting the Unpredictable - TheArsenale

Everyone who has ever driven a Saab knows that they are unlike any other car in the market. That is of course, before being taken over by GM. What made the cars so unique was that Saab had a completely different background; aircraft. They brought the extreme quality and engineering required to build aircrafts to their cars. The 900 Turbo remains one of the best Scandinavian classics and even to this day it looks timeless; ask Jerry Seinfeld.


Okay, back on topic. Saab has just unveiled a new military aircraft which successfully completed its maiden flight. The GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning and Control system piloted by Magnus Fredriksson took off from Linköping, Sweden. Based on a Bombardier Express 6000 business jet, the purpose of the GlobalEye is to stay airborne as long as possible, feeding a constant flow of reconnaissance. Tests included ground tests and also high and low speed taxiing tests. 


With a crew of four pilots plus mission specialists, the Saab GlobalEye offers low cabin noise levels. Measuring 30m long with a 29m wingspan, the GlobalEye is powered by two Rolls-Royce BR710 A2-20 turbofans, capable of cruising at 902 km/h at 12,300 m of altitude. Its 2000m takeoff distance allows it to land and launch from smaller airfields and airstrips. With a flight endurance of over 11 hours, the GlobalEye can provide extensive air, ground and maritime surveillance. The Erieye ER (Extended Range) is so accurate that it can detect small targets like cars and jet skis. Thanks to an Adaptive AESA radar, the GlobalEye can focus on targets even in cluttered environments and its wide-area GMTI radar can detect moving objects. Its debut will be with the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces as the Swing Role Surveillance System (SRSS).