Saroléa MANX7, Thundering Electric Motorcycle by Rusak Design

Saroléa MANX7, Thundering Electric Motorcycle by Rusak Design - TheArsenale

In a bold move to create their identity, Belgian brand Saroléa has unveiled their MANX7 electric motorcycle. Crafted for ultimate performance and designed by Serge Rusak, the bike puts breathtaking performance and unique design in one single package.


Built to be as lightweight as possible, the bike uses a carbon fiber chassis which offers strength and rigidity. To further reduce the weight, the swingarm is also built out of carbon fiber. This construction allows for a perfectly balanced weight distribution of 50% in the front and 50% in the back. This leads to great handling capabilities and makes it easier to ride than other electric bikes. For an electric bike, it weighs 217kg which is impressive considering the massive 22kWh battery pack.


Built with years of experience in engineering and racing, research and development was a priority to create the ultimate electric bike. The electric drivetrain provides amazing power and little to none maintenance. The air-cooled brushless motor delivers 450Nm with a single twist of the throttle, instantly available thanks to the immediate delivery of an electric motor. Power peaks at 120 KW, leading to a blistering 2.8s 0-100 time. The battery pack provides up to 330km of range in its biggest configuration (22kWh) but you can also choose smaller ones in 14 and 18 kWh. You can easily remove the battery pack and it can quickly charge from 0 to 80% in only 25 minutes. 


Ultimate engineering met the finest design to create one of the best electric bikes in the market, ready to burn rubber and carve corners.