Sinot Aqua Superyacht Concept

Sinot Aqua Superyacht Concept - TheArsenale

Designed by Sinot Yacht Design & Architecture, the Aqua Superyacht is a wild concept that uses unconventional shapes in behemoth proportions. 

A 360 degree view capsule carefully flows out of the stern, making it possible to enjoy views that are rare to find in such abundant luxury. The frontal part of the yacht is the most populated one with a beach club located in the back as it tapers down. Focused on luxury, leisure and health; the superyacht features an incredible amount of amenities. There is a VIP section, master bedroom, large bathroom as well as a hydro-massage room, yoga space and workout areas.


The yacht uses a futuristic hydrogen in liquid form which is then converted into electricity for the propulsion and amenities. There is a power management system that will store the energy in battery packs that make it available at any time of need. With a range of 3750 nm and it can reach a speed of 17 knots. Power is sustained and provided by PEM fuel cells which power a contra-rotating propeller and twin Voith Schneider Propellers.

Sinot Yacht Design & Architecture will be displaying a scale model of their superyacht at the MYS.