SOL Motors Pocket Rocket is the Ultimate City "Noped"

SOL Motors Pocket Rocket is the Ultimate City "Noped" - TheArsenale

The SOL motor company based on Germany Stuttgart has unveiled the Pocket Rocket which is somewhere between an electric two-wheeler and a minibike. Designed by Manuel Messmer and engineered by SOL Motors this amazing concept stands at 76 cm tall and features a lightweight aluminum tube frame that weighs 54kg.

“The Pocket Rocket stands out due to the innovative synergy of lightweight design, performance, and connectivity. The clear and contemporary design incorporates technology with a functional lifestyle for a modern riding experience. It’s not an e-bike: it’s too fast. It’s not a moped: it has no pedals. It’s a ‘noped’, defining a new category of electric two-wheelers. The Pocket Rocket is the perfect urban commuter vehicle.” It has three dedicated mode functions: wheelie, sport and eco. Braking is accomplished with a combination of hydraulic disc brakes and regenerative braking via the rear wheel hub motor.

This was the exact words that the company has described they latest creation. Pocket Rocket is definitely different from its competitors whether its design or its purpose. One thing that is really noticeable in this is bike is that we don't see any direction lights. Let's hope they will release more details soon and hopefully it enters production soon.