Sondors Fold XS Makes Folding Bikes Stylish Again

Sondors Fold XS Makes Folding Bikes Stylish Again - TheArsenale

All of us are familiar with the recipe for folding bikes, a thin frame with a locking mechanism being its key component. Sondors did not want to conform to the norm so they decided to use the real estate of the frame to store their battery. 

The Fold XS bike uses a 750-watt motor powered by 48V 14Ah Li-ion battery, providing a range of 40 to 60 miles depending on your riding and assistance level. With speeds of up to 20 mph, the Fold XS does not skimp on brakes and uses hydraulic disk ones for plenty of stopping power. The bike also has an LCD screen up front that allows you to check your speed, battery level, distance traveled and more. 

The Fold XS is available in the US for a full payment of $1699 or at monthly installments, starting with a deposit of $299.