Suzuki Omni Battle Van by Holy Shift

Suzuki Omni Battle Van by Holy Shift - TheArsenale

If there is one van we could definitely drive to a beach picnic every day, it would be the tiny but mighty Suzuki Omni. Coming in a near kei-car package, the van provides plenty of value for the price they are going for now. 

Based out of India, Holy Shift took the regular Omni and turned it into the Battle Van; a rugged machine ready to tackle any terrain. Upgrades include a new suspension, rear axle, transmission and even a new engine. Equipped with the knobbiest of the kobby Maxxis Trepador, roll cage, bullbar, roof rack with a LED strip and metal plates; you better believe this tiny van can take you anywhere. Despite its small size, the upgrades have given this van a great amount of character and functionality.