Tackle Down Hills with the Ultimate Gravity E-Bike, the 'Canyon Orbiter'

Tackle Down Hills with the Ultimate Gravity E-Bike, the 'Canyon Orbiter' - TheArsenale

Designed by Industrial Designer Daniel Frintz, this beautiful E-bike concept served as his thesis. Running completely on electricity, it is designed like a supercar and made for high performance riding.

daniel frintz canyon orbiter front three fourth

Because the bike is focused on gravity biking, or biking downhill with the assistance of gravity; it features a very angular, lean frame. The frame features a monocoque body, with the handlebar, front and rear suspension and even the seat tube all in one piece. This design was chosen to maintain an agile and rigid body which is a necessity when biking downhill at speed.

daniel frintz canyon orbiter side view

Canyon Orbiter is a high-tech solution to efficient biking, being built to create a low maintenance e-bike that doesn't wear easily despite being pushed to its limits. It uses electromagnetic suspension with compression dampening. The seamless connection between the suspension and the frame is silky smooth, with a minimal and clean look to it. High-performance street tires are pushed by power transmission at both wheels creating a linear power delivery and speed control. This lean profile and high performance make it a perfect choice for any urban environment. 

daniel frintz canyon orbiter eletric engine

Frintz wanted to create the ultimate e-bike that would ultimately be a very efficient and safe transportation method. He incorporated a traction control system into the e-bike that ensures precise handling and a comfortable ride. It also features a system that automatically checks for any issues with the bike before running, so you can avoid possible accidents. If any of the parts break, you can order them online right away.

daniel frintz canyon orbiter magnetic suspension

This concept is quite ambitious and it shows how these eco-friendly commuters can be safe, quick and thrilling at once. Whether the Canyon Orbiter will see a production run soon is still a mystery. It is sure that with today's technology and the right amount of support and resources it could certainly become a reality.

daniel frintz canyon orbiter rear view