Taiga Motors 3rd Gen. Electric Snowmobile

Taiga Motors 3rd Gen. Electric Snowmobile - TheArsenale

Taiga Motors refreshes its electric snowmobile lineup with its TS3 in terms of design and performance as well. 

The new TS3 takes design cues from its largest gas competitors and it definitely shows. The team didn't focus solely on looks, working on its powerplant to deliver an almost 35 percent increase in energy and power density. That brings better handling, acceleration, and top speed as well. The range also received a generous upgrade from this improvement. 

The TS3 serves as the base platform for the three models; Ekko, Atlas and Nomad. The Ekko is the mountain model which provides the best performance, Atlas is the crossover sled and the Nomad is a touring and utility model. The Ekko will come in two variants: standard with 120 hp and performance with 180 hp. The snowmobile will be charged up to 80% in only 20 minutes which is quite impressive. At only $15,000, the TS3 is not the most affordable snowmobile out there but it provides certain things others don't.