The Arc Sport is not just any boat; it is the archetype of innovation and performance in the wake boat category. Engineered to ride every wave with precision, the Arc Sport seamlessly blends aerospace engineering, electric vehicle (EV) technology, and advanced software, offering a wake shaping experience that's customizable for every rider. The boat's electric prowess is clear with its impressive 570 horsepower motor, powered by a substantial 226 kWh battery, ensuring zero emissions are released into the environment. This modern marvel promises instant torque, delivering more than double the torque of most premium gas-powered wake boats, allowing riders to experience a surge of power and smooth acceleration unprecedented in the wake boating scene.

Boasting a tranquil yet powerful performance, the Arc Sport brings a new meaning to the joy of boating. At any speed, conversations can flow easily without the typical interference of engine noise, thanks to its quiet electric motor. The absence of gas fumes enhances the purity of the boating experience, while the additional weight of the battery assures a smoother ride on the water. Its unique design also provides intelligent ballast using strategically positioned batteries and computer-controlled water ballasts to amplify waves to your preference. The boat also features an auto-retract hardtop tower for a comfortable ride regardless of weather conditions and includes bow and stern thrusters for extraordinary ease in navigation and steering.

The Arc Sport redefines smart boating through its sophisticated integration of modern technology. With over-the-air (OTA) updates and an intuitive UI, the boat's in-house software processes tens of thousands of data points per second to optimize safety and performance, while also providing a reliable range indicator that outperforms traditional gas gauges. Moreover, the Arc Sport champions effortless ownership; its low-maintenance electric powertrain and user-friendly design invite a broader audience to the world of boating. All these features come enclosed in a premium interior equipped for all-day adventures, complete with amenities like JL Audio speakers, wireless phone chargers, and an entertainment screen to recap your day's rides. With a starting price of $258,000 and a vision of uncompromised, eco-friendly performance, the Arc Sport stands out as the zenith of high-performance electric wake boating.