In the bustling landscapes of modern cities, the HWE Puzzle presents itself not merely as an innovation but as a beacon of urban evolution. This small commercial electric vehicle (EV) is the epitome of HW ELECTRO's dedication to "sustainability," "connectivity," and "social contribution." Compact in size akin to a mini car, the HWE Puzzle goes above and beyond its basic transportation role, equipped with functionalities that serve the community uniquely. In the event of a disaster, it transforms into a mobile power source while also providing an essential emergency kit. The addition of a Wifi hotspot feature makes it an indispensable urban utility, maintaining connectivity when it's needed the most. This commitment to communal functionality comes alive with HWE's proprietary apps and services, which are set to enhance and evolve with time, ensuring the Puzzle stays relevant and useful.

The exterior of the Puzzle is a visual testament to the meticulous rationalization of its design philosophy. It embodies efficiency and unity in every panel and portion, distinctly mirroring the vehicle's dual purpose of form and function. For example, the panel beneath the front light and the front roof, as well as the left front and right rear doors, share the same exterior panels, reducing waste and enhancing productivity. This intelligent design not only conserves resources during manufacturing but also reallocates budget from hardware cost savings toward the development of software and connectivity services. This versatility is especially invaluable in emergency scenarios where the Puzzle can serve as a robust moving power source, contributing peace of mind to the city with its on-board AC power supply functions.

Stepping inside the Puzzle reveals an interior crafted for utmost utility and customization. It sheds the conventional tapered space design for a cubic cargo area, maximizing the usage of the given dimensions and accommodating cargo more efficiently than typical small vans. The interior is designed to be versatile, featuring pinboard-like interior panels allowing various components to be repositioned according to the users' preferences or needs. This flexibility is crucial for vehicles shared among multiple users, granting the ability to personalize space easily. All these features are wrapped in an unassuming package with a length of 3,395mm, a width of 1,475mm, and a height of 1,920mm, making the Puzzle an agile companion in dense urban landscapes. With the June 2023 launch of the 'MyHWE' mobile application interface, the connectivity between the HWE EVs and users’ mobile devices reaches new heights, promising an evolving suite of services aimed at disaster support and logistical optimization.

📷: HWE