"The Lunar Project" KTM 250GS

"The Lunar Project" KTM 250GS - TheArsenale

In 1969, history was made when NASA's Apollo 11 Mission landed on the moon. It not only marked the beginning of the space race but it also sparked revolutionary technological advancements. To honor this incredible event, Carboni e Metalli decided to build a tribute bike called the "Lunar Project". 

With a 1980s KTM 250GS as the donor bike, they decided to get busy chopping down all the excess fat. This meant replacing the subframe with a new carbon fiber one, installing Öhlins forks housed in 3D-printed triples as well as a 3D printed titanium swingarm. The fuel tank has been streamlined and connected to the seat of the motorcycle which gives it a futuristic look reminiscent of the jet age. The color scheme is also a clear hint at its lunar inspiration and it is the perfect finishing touch to this tasteful scrambler.