The OPEN, a groundbreaking foiling motor yacht, marks a significant milestone in maritime engineering. This innovative collaboration between automotive giant BMW and marine expert TYDE builds on the success of their first project, "The ICON," to introduce a vessel that redefines luxury and sustainability on the high seas. Measuring an impressive 49 feet in length and 15 feet in width, The OPEN offers a new level of electric-powered luxury. Its zero-emissions drivetrain and a capacious 400kWh BMW i3 battery, accompanied by twin 100kW electric motors, gift the yacht with an exhilarating top speed of 30 knots. The yacht is ingeniously designed not just for speed, but also for a seamless and silent sailing experience, courtesy of its integrated hydrofoils. These foils enable the vessel to glide above the waterline at around 18 knots, minimizing drag and maximizing efficiency.

The OPEN doesn’t just aim to provide an adrenaline rush; it encapsulates a revolutionary approach to yachting with its blend of performance and plush comfort. Solar panels on the vessel’s hardtop contribute to the yacht's energy eco-footprint, while the design guarantees an opulent experience. The spacious deck serves multiple purposes: a sunbathing paradise by day shifts effortlessly to a dining spot or bathing platform. The yacht's innovative windshield wraps around the central seating area, proposing an uninterrupted panoramic view while ensuring passenger safety. As the sun dips below the horizon, luxury living continues inside with a well-appointed cabin for two. This sanctuary offers a bed, a workstation, TV, and an ensuite bathroom, all designed with the finesse that one expects from the collaborative prowess of BMW and TYDE.

Set to set sail towards the end of 2024, The OPEN isn't just a feat of design and engineering but a harbinger of the future for luxury seafaring. TYDE's expertise in production and marketing suggests that the launch of this electric foiling yacht will be a pivotal event in the yachting calendar. It represents an eco-friendly paradigm shift in maritime travel, promising efficiency, silence, and pioneering technology to the most discerning of sailors and explorers. The OPEN is expected to bring forth an era of responsible luxury, combining the thrill of speed with a commitment to sustainability and innovation, delivering an unmatched experience on the waves.