The Safehaven "Thunder Child" Is Why You Don't Mess with The Law

The Safehaven "Thunder Child" Is Why You Don't Mess with The Law - TheArsenale

Designed for offshore patrol, naval and law enforcment; the Thunder Child by Safehaven Marine is a speedboat that depicts authority. Thanks to its sharp lines and corners, it looks quite stealthy and aggressive and gives off stealth bomber vibes.


Powered by two intercooler diesel Caterpillar C12.9 engines, the Thunder Child has a power output of 2000 hp. How did they achieve that? By turbocharging the engines. But that wasn't enough so they threw a supercharger in the mix as well. The propulsion system was created by Metamarine in Italy, making the Thunder Child capable of going 54 knots on the surface. Thanks to its long range fuel tanks, it has a range of 750 nautical miles. 


Despite looking like a small boat, it's really not the case. While its sleek, performance design might trick you into thinking this is a two-seater, you're quite wrong. There's more than enough space to fit 10 passengers with separate cabin and head compartments in the front cabin. Four water tight compartments keep the crew safe at any time. It also has a capsize recovery ability to quickly bring back passengers on the right side of the surface. Its sleek, sharp front is built and designed to pierce through waves mercilessly. It seems like smugglers will have a hard time bring us our favorite Cuban cigars this time.