The Viceroy, REGENT’s flagship seaglider, is poised to transform the realm of urban air mobility, presenting an innovative solution that stands on the threshold of revolutionizing passenger and cargo transportation. Operating exclusively over water, this 12-passenger vehicle is set to glide across seas by seamlessly transitioning between hull, hydrofoil, or flight in ground effect, promising an unparalleled travel experience. With a range of 160 nautical miles at the battery's end-of-life – extendable to beyond 400 nautical miles with next-gen batteries – it harmonizes efficiency with sustainability, all due to its 100% electric, zero-emission design. Scheduled to commence service by 2025 with human flight trials beginning a year prior, the Viceroy’s specifications are still under refinement, indicating a potential for even greater capabilities upon its official release.

In terms of versatility, the Viceroy excels with multiple mission sets optimized for different needs. The easily reconfigurable cabins offer minimal downtime between various missions ranging from passenger transport to logistics. Be it ferrying people, delivering goods bypassing road congestions, or providing unparalleled views for tourists, Viceroy is designed to cater to a wide range of duties. The seaglider's robust design also lends itself well to offshore logistics, where its high wave tolerance and cavernous cabin space make it an ideal workhorse, capable of transporting a payload of 3,500 lbs at a cruising speed of 180 mph. Moreover, in emergent situations where time is of the essence, Viceroy’s swift response as an air ambulance is invaluable, effectively getting medical personnel to emergencies and patients to care rapidly.

The Viceroy doesn't stop at commercial and emergency uses; it extends into the defense sector, offering a high-speed, low-cost mobility platform that's conducive to missions requiring a low-signature approach. This includes rapid deployment of Special Operation Forces and relay of critical communications, showcasing its potential as a tactical asset. The seaglider is not only about power and speed but also about the experience it offers. With features like a luxury VIP interior with optional lie-flat seating, noise levels 30dB quieter than traditional aircraft, and cutting-edge avionics, it promises passenger comfort and safety. The Viceroy by REGENT makes a compelling case for a future where waterways become the highways of the sky – quiet, fast, and environmentally friendly.