The World's Only Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

The World's Only Tesla Model S Shooting Brake - TheArsenale

From the day that the Tesla Model S was unveiled, people started imagining it in a shooting brake form. Although we doubt that Tesla would ever build such a car, RemetzCar decided to take matters in their own hands.

The car was commissioned by Floris de Raadt and was designed by Niels Van Roej Design, finished in a beautiful British Racing Green that was specially developed for the owner. A few interior upgrades were made as well to accompany the chromed exterior that accentuates the shape of the Model S. 

You now have the chance to own this one out of one Model S Shooting Brake for a mere 185,555 EUR. For some people, this might be over the top but it is a chance to own a unique unicorn. Get your hands on it here.