Totem Automobile Giulia GT Electric

Totem Automobile Giulia GT Electric - TheArsenale

The Alfa Romeo Giulia might be one of the most iconic models of the Italian brand, with the GTA being a revolutionary release that left its footprints for decades to come in the brand's history. 

Totem Automobili wants to recreate this iconic car in an electric variant. They are staying true to the history of the car by sourcing original Giulia GT Junior 1300/1600s and then stripping them down to bare essentials. With multiple builds available to take inspiration from, Totem is adding a bit of flair to the new cars including carbon-fiber bodywork, rally-era front-end, a rear-end modeled after the original, digital dashboard, Bluetooth infotainment system and much more. The car is powered by a 518hp electric motor and has a 200-mile range. 

There is no information regarding the pricing and availability, for which you need to get in touch with totem themselves.