Tuhura Megayacht Concept by Oceanco x Lobanov Design

Tuhura Megayacht Concept by Oceanco x Lobanov Design - TheArsenale

The "Tuhura" megayacht concept is one of the most massive vessels we have ever covered on this magazine. To create this massive 115 m yacht, Oceanco collaborated with Lobanov Design Studio, interior designer Achille Salvagni and BMT Nigel Gee. It draws inspiration from primitive vessels, evolving on the ground formation of early forms.

tuhura megayacht concept exterior

Achille Salvagni designed the interior by drawing inspiration from Pacific Islands and Easy Asia. Covered in brushed teak, the interior is an earthy approach to design. It combines raw materials like gunmetal, natural bronze with tatami flooring. Penning the exterior, Lobanov shaped it after the interior experience. By carefully measuring the interior layouts, this concept can come to life in varying lengths without compromising any of its prominent design cues. 

tuhura megayacht concept interior

"Tuhura" has an incredible hull that uses multiple horizontal windows. The glass panes feature new technology that allows you to look outside from the interior. When seen from outside, they have the same color of the hull, giving it an incredibly sleek appearance. The black superstructure atop the hull uses high quality flat glass panels for the ultimate look.

tuhura megayacht concept hull

In the words of Achille Salvagni : "Tuhura is a megayacht conceived for a dynamic owner, nevertheless the timeless sense of peace and calmness are the main characteristics. This softness and dynamicitiy are reflected in the humble elegance and sensuality of the primitive organic shapes echoed throughout.".