TVR Griffith

TVR Griffith

The story of the glorious british brand TVR interrupted in 2006, two years after Peter Wheeler, majority shareholder since 1981, sold the company to the young russian tycoon, Nikolai Smolensky. The lack of request of the four models in production until that moment caused the default of the business and the laying off of the almost 400 members of the staff.


In 2013 it was reported that Nikolay Smolensky had sold his entire ownership to Les Edgar, entrepreneur in the videogame business, and it seems like he’s been working for five long years on a whole new model.


Griffith is a key name in the history of the brand. The first version was born in ’63, as a model Grantura’s chassis equipped with Ford 4.7L V8 engines, on request of the american Jack Griffith for one reason only: defeating the two years older Shelby Cobra in the FIA Championship. It didn’t work, of course, the cobra became a legend and the Griffith remained an anonimous, rare classic car. The Griffith 500 was also the main TVR model in the ‘90s, together with its sister, the Chimaera, very similar but much more affordable.

Griffith is in fact the name of the last model TVR presented since 2005. The thrilling design of the car is curated by Gordon Murray and the thruster expressly winks at the ‘60s predecessor, mounting a Cosworth prepared 5.0L V8 Ford. The total power sum of the aspirated engine amount to 500BHP, which allow this 21st century TVR to reach 60mph in just 4 seconds and a maximum speed of 322 km/h. Only thing we were not used to in a TVR was just technology, essential nowadays: ABS, ESP, traction control and a digital dashboard are totally new to this brand’s products but, as a matter of fact, needed.


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