UBCO 2x2 Utility Bike

UBCO 2x2 Utility Bike - TheArsenale

The UBCO Utility Bike is a new take on electric motorcycles. It aims to be a whisper quiet motorcycle with off-roading capabilities able to transport you anywhere.

One of the most unique things about the bike is its dual electric drive system. It has an electric motor in both wheels that offers better traction, increased performance and improved handling. It uses an all terrain suspension system so you can enjoy a smooth ride no matter the terrain. The Ubco also has a Portage Battery system that allows you to charge your phone on the move. It is built with accessorizing in mind so it features accessory lugs all over the body to allow attaching different stuff depending on your riding purposes.

It takes only 6 hours to charge the Ubco from 0-90% and it has a 75 mile range. Weighing at only 63 kilograms, it has a top speed of 50 km/h. The bike connects with a smartphone app that you can use to check battery life, motor temperatures and even turn on Hunting Mode that will turn off the headlight for moving stealthily around.

No matter the purpose, the Ubco 2x2 is a bike that can tackle anything you throw at it. Built to help around farms, it has found many uses whether it's adventure riding, hunting or simply enjoying a fun ride on an extremely capable electric bike.