Volvo 360C Concept Car - Full Autonomy

Volvo 360C Concept Car - Full Autonomy - TheArsenale

As advanced as automobiles have gotten, they still remain a mode of transportation that requires continuous human input. While we are all about the experience of driving; some people just want to kick back, relax and wake up in their destination. 


Volvo created the perfect answer to this demanding question with the 360c concept car. Another way to describe the car would be "a first-class private cabin" with wheels on the ground. Since there are no controls inside the car, passengers have a huge space available to them for maximum comfort. The concept of the car goes much further than just relaxing, introducing the concept of a mobile office which will allow you to get work done while you are commuting. 

As ambitious as the project looks, technology is always advancing exponentially and the future of autonomous cars doesn't seem as far as we might've thought it to be.