Voxan Wants To Break Records with The Wattman

Voxan Wants To Break Records with The Wattman - TheArsenale

Last year, Max Biaggi, a former MotoGP rider teamed up with French brand Voxan to break the speed record for electric motorcycles. They were supposed to hit up the salt flats in Bolivia this year but due to the pandemic, their plans were shuffled and pushed forward another year. 

Voxan announced that they will be attempting the record in 2021 in Bolivia, with Max Biaggi as the pilot again. They also teased us with images of the rapid electric motorcycle based on their Wattman cruiser. It normally looks like a futuristic cruiser with superbike power values (203 hp to be precise). This version, however, looks more purposefully built to cut through air like a hot knife cuts butter. It has 367 hp instead of 203 and it benefits greatly from the aerodynamic bodywork. The team at Voxan wants to reach 330 km/h and beyond, a record which was set by Ryuji Tsuruta atop a Mobitec EV-02A. 

We're a year away from the attempt but we are already excited to see whether Voxan will break the record.