Workhorse W-15 Electric Pickup Truck

Workhorse W-15 Electric Pickup Truck - TheArsenale

A year after releasing the conceptual design for an electric powered pick-up truck, Workhorse has released the incarnation of the concept.

The W-15 truck has a 460 hp that is distributed through all four wheels, with a 2,200 pound bed capacity and  30-amp, 7.2 kW power outlet to connect various power tools. Thanks to two electric motors in the front and rear axis and a BMW petrol engine, it offers an impressive 80 mpg. It can beam from 0 to 100 km/h in only 5.5 seconds, making it a blazing quick utility truck.

The interior of the Workhorse features a futuristic design with a clean looking dashboard oriented towards the big LCD control screen. The gearbox is a beautiful indented knob just below the center console, and the steering wheel offers different options without cluttering it with buttons. It also features a lane departure warning function thanks to the advanced sensors used.

Release to the commercial market is the main focus of the W-15, but it could also fill the gap of electric utility trucks in the private consumer market too. There is huge luggage space due to the lack of a big internal combustion engine; and the silent performance makes it a perfect choice for your favorite camping trips.

workhorse w-15 front view

workhorse w-15 side view

workhorse w-15 interior view