Yamaha 03GEN-X Three-Wheeled Scooter Concept

Yamaha 03GEN-X Three-Wheeled Scooter Concept - TheArsenale

Coming out from Yamaha is this rather weird combination of a three-wheeled scooter with military-style exposed design and a scrambler vibe to it. Dubbed the "03GEN-X" this unusual futuristic concept aim to unite off-roading and urban mobility in one.

The 03GEN-X features wire-spoked wheels, knobby tires and a barebones design up front with exposed suspension. Additionally there is a futuristic front light with a unique X carved on top of it. A colorful digital display replaces the traditional gauges. In typical scrambler style, the exhaust sneakily follows the thick rear frame to a high rising exit. Both the taillight and rear turn signals are also integrated in the rear frame. 

There is still no clear information regarding the engine of the 03GEN-X but we hope it is something with enough torque range to haul the bike through rough terrain.