Yamaha MOTOROiD - Autonomous Motorcycles are a Thing now

Yamaha MOTOROiD - Autonomous Motorcycles are a Thing now - TheArsenale

Shown off at CES Las Vegas, the Yamaha MOTOROiD is a futuristic motorcycle concept that is able to stand on its own and recognize the rider's face. 

Using Artificial Intelligence, the motorcycle can recognize hand gestures from the rider and you can summon it with a single wave. Showing your palm gives off a halt message and the motorcycle stops. The bike is self balancing and can withstand light pushes to either sides that it balances through the dynamic rear wheel. 

The rear of the motorcycle has been developed in collaboration with a psychologist to feature slightly squeezing wings that will give you a sense of assurance when riding on high speeds. This comes in an attempt to seamlessly connect the bike with the rider. Once it learns your riding style, the bike will figure things out for you. 

So far, human riders have far faster reaction times, intuitive maneuvers like counter-steering and corner leaning but at the pace AI and robotics are progressing, it won't take long before motorcycles are fully autonomous vehicles.