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BMW K100 Z17.2 "Rebel"

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The current custom scene nowadays is full of two seemingly far extremities; subtle naked builds and bulky customized ones. When well executed, the combination of both these can lead to an impressive build.

Artem, the customer for this project; trusted Sergey and Mikhail to build his new bike. He is a BMW guy, whether it is four wheels or two. They decided to start on a 1991 BMW K100 with a one liter engine and also ABS. Despite being rather depreciated in the custom scene, ABS can be a life saving feature on a motorcycle. The rear end was replaced with a cafe tail that was moulded and fabricated with an internal structure. A LED strip incorporates both the indicators and stop light without making a mess. The seat was made and upholstered in house. 

The K100 engine was the first one to use liquid cooling so it used a shaft drive poking out of the back. This resulted in a low center of gravity, smooth power delivery and minimal maintenance. The removal of fairings and a few heavy components lead to substantial weight loss for the once-fat K100. A new single stainless steel exhaust has been installed to unleash the roar of the unassuming engine. The client is a Spartak Moscow Football fan so the color scheme was of course; bright Imola red with white stripes. Up front a new headlight is installed and a new all-in-one speedometer; leaving the rest of the controls stock.

BMW K100 Z17.2 "Rebel"
  • $ 20,900.00