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Monocoque Paddle Canoe Carbon Fiber

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Product Information

Created as a unique piece, this luxurious object is unlike anything we've ever seen before. It takes a canoe, a timeless design as old as traveling itself and perfects it in ways unseen before. BorromeodeSilva wanted to show that their craftsmanship can be mixed with highly technical processes and materials. 

By combining copper-woven fiber and classic teak wood, the canoe gains a unique look. Thanks to the reflection of the copper wiring, the surface texture gains depth and brilliantly shines sunshine. The wooden teak surface has been laid in place by Mastri d'Ascia, one of the oldest and finest artisanal crafts in Genova. 

The design of the canoe allows 'pockets' on the sides where you can safely store the oars. Looking at it from the side, they look like classic Cadillac fins. Federico Santa Maria, close friend of BorromeodeSilva and veteran yacht designers penned the beautiful design to create such a powerful design in such a small package as a canoe. 

Shipping, Ordering and Customization

Because these canoes are handmade pieces, each one of them is built by request and the price can very depending on the finish. You will have the chance to customize it to make it unique to you. Please contact us to inquire for your Monocoque Paddle Canoe.

Specifications and Measurements

Measurements : 452 cm x 88 cm x 43,5 cm

Weight : 20kg

Monocoque Paddle Canoe Carbon Fiber
  • $ 18,500.00