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Droog Moto

Droog Moto 3

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The Moto 3 by Droog is one of the most limited motorcycles in the market, seeing a short production run of only 3 units! Each customer will have the chance to receive his own customized Moto 3, tailored to his liking.

The Base

Max and Erica from Droog had to take a big decision when choosing the base bike for the Moto 3. After many options came to mind, the perfect one was the Yamaha MT-09. It is powered by a lightweight 850cc 3-cylinder engine that has a smooth power delivery. The bike can handle city bombing and cross country trips without a single issue.


The Moto 3 build series is nearly entirely handmade. From the steel tracker plates to the newly designed subframe, everything was built by hand. The new custom subframe is fitted with handmade tail lights in the rear. The old gas tank was replaced with a new one to complement the rugged design cues. In the front, the forks have been reworked for adjustability and comfort for the rider. The old bulky battery is replaced with a much smaller lightweight Antigravity battery. A new high flow air filter has been installed to help with the performance together with a new custom carbon exhaust. There are new aluminum inserts for the wheels and a Custom 2 suspension lift system is installed. 

The Moto 3 Experience

All Moto 3 builds will come with Continental TKC80 tires that are suitable for any kind of adventure. ProTaper bars and Biltwell grips will ensure confident riding in any kind of terrain. The result of all these upgrades is a motorcycle that is able to ride anywhere with ease. It is a light enough bike to be taken fire service roads and heavy enough to haul you across the country. The flexible Yamaha MT-09 offers substantial performance and with the upgrades of Droog Moto; it becomes the ultimate urban motorcycle.

Bars ProTaper

Grips Biltwell

Speedo Yamaha

Tires Continental TKC80

Headlight Custom steel tracker plate with LED headlight

Battery Anti-Gravity

Droog Moto 3
  • $ 22,000.00