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TheArsenale Edition

G2X Jetboard - TheArsenale Edition

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At TheArsenale we always seek to find the best products on the planet. And this is not an exception. The G2X from Radinn is the most advanced jetboard ever made. Now perfected with a unique design from TheArsenale. This is the most exclusive G2X jetboard on the market with only one ever made. Visit our Miami store to take a closer look at this beauty.


With a unique and simple design, the board looks like something from a James Bond movie. The powerful electric motor inside allows you to ride the board with a max speed of 58km/h with no sound at all. The team at Radinn has made something extraordinary while protecting the environment. 

Since the jetboard is powered by an electric motor you won't have to worry about a messy oil change or any maintenance. Just plug and play. Regardless if you are new to watersports or have spent your whole life on a surfboard, the G2X will provide you with endless fun – from the very first moment. Also, the board is very light that's why the battery inside allows you to have more fun than other electric boards.

Control the G2X with your iPhone. Stay informed about your board’s condition. Connect your G2X and check the specifications, battery level, diagnostics, the manual and much more. Access information from your latest ride. Challenge your top speed, check out duration and location. 


  • Hull: Military-grade, impact-resistant polymer
  • Motor: Performance up to 12kW
  • Drive: Ride time: up to 50min in mixed speed
  • Speed: Up to 60kph depending on conditions
  • Speed Control: Stepless, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless throttle controller
  • Energy: High-Energy Lithium-Ion Power Pack (2.8kWh or 3.7kWh)
  • Charging Time: Speed charger 2,5 hours or Standard charger 6-8 hours
  • Steering: Shift body weight to turn left and right, dual fin-system
  • Stopping: Release throttle of remote or magnetic kill switch
  • Dimensions: 1945 x 810 x 170 mm Weight Jetpack/Body: 25kg Power Pack: 20kg
  • Radinn Connect: GPS ride map, rider profile, and settings, remote diagnostics

Extras: Control leash the WHIP and interchangeable fins


Top Speed Up to 60km/h

Average Runtime 45min

Safest battery on the market

Bluetooth 5.0

Engine 12kW

Build Military-Grade Polymer

G2X Jetboard - TheArsenale Edition
  • $ 11,500.00